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I Fail at Spelling
I am an odd person who loves Deer and Pokemon. I also love art. It is a goal of mine that I must always reblog anything that has something to do with deer; Assuming I am on my tumblr that is. I also am incapable of spelling things properly most times.
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What’re you doing out of the fire swamp

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Some Mega Slowbros to go along with the Slowpoke line I doodled the other day

I like to think they’re Slowbros who’ve adjusted to life in big-ass shells like hermit crabs (hence the beefed-up arms from dragging themselves around a lot) and if they build up enough momentum they can spin themselves like a top (which as silly as it looks tends to hurt a fucking lot if you get in the way)

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news flash: bbc finally does something right

Listen up college kiddies that think your drunken escapades don’t matter!

Ooh, and bonus Colin Salmon.

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my school’s jokes are actually getting funny

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omfg i let my 9 year old cousin use my laptop and now look at my history

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Alright, folks.

I know that some of you are heading off to college.

And you’re nervous.

So let me answer one question that you’re all thinking about and spare you some awkwardness and embarrassment:

You do not need to ask to use the bathroom in college.

You do not need to ask to use the bathroom in college.


That is all.

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Girl look at that body,

Girl look at that body,

Girl look at that body,

We should probably call the police who knows how long it’s been in the river.

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Imagine your icon trying to climb a tree. They trip and fall into a trashcan. They cannot get out of the trashcan. You can’t find your icon. You’ve looked everywhere. Two days later, you go to take out the garbage and find them inside of the trashcan. They have befriended a raccoon.

Time to farm some netherwing rep with my main: Aloxander


Hey Tumblr,

Did ya hear about my new jimmy jams? They’re for chaaaaaaaaarity… ;)



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distractions (by {cindy})

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“ She changed our “we’re” to “were.” ”

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This is Japan in a nutshell.  Forget all the crazy stuff with the weird tv programs and the cosplaying—that’s just the outer shell that gets attention because it’s unusual.  This, this is the beauty of the country.  I’ve had little grandmothers chase me down because I dropped my shinkansen tickets.  In amusement parks, the attendants do their upmost to get lost items (usually cardigans or kids’ shoes) back to the owners—before the owners even realize they’d lost said item(s). I’ve had complete strangers not only give my thorough directions but have offered to drive me to the place I needed to go.

It is so, so, so hard to go back to the States after you get the J-treatment. I mean, Japan has its downside (“What is this madness you call pizza???”), but the general attitudes of everyone—even the so-called hardcore yankees (two of whom who, on a blazing summer day, helped me find one of my schools when I was heinously lost in the labyrinth that is the neighborhood in which said school is located)—is the epitome of the mindset that I wish everyone would adopt. Because yelling at people gets you nowhere. And being able to empathize with people kinda helps make this country a really nice place to live in.

Okay, I don’t usually add on to posts, but let me tell you a story.

Back in 2008 I traveled to Japan with my high school, and because it was the 20 year anniversary of our “sister city” partnership, the mayor of our sister city paid for our entire group to go to Tokyo Disney Sea. We were all elated, got in when the park opened, rushed to do everything we could.

Well, there’s a little ride near the front of their Tomorrowland where you ride around on a little rollercoaster-style pod. Kind of like bumper cars meets the disney tea cup ride but it’s also in water. It’s wicked fun and even though it was November, my friends and I were all willing to go on. One of my friends was wearing a scarf her host family had knitted for her, and on one of the turns of the ride, it flew off her neck and we watched in horror as it drifted across the water and got sucked under another pod carrying people.

We get to the end of the ride and explain to the attendants what happened, and as soon as she lets slip it’s from family, they all but rocket into action. They shut down the whole ride, and not only did they get the scarf out of the machinery, they blow-dried it for us so she could wear it again. It was freaking remarkable.

People in Japan are hella nice, yo. It meant a lot then, and even 5 years later, it still means a lot now. 

Japan is so densely packed with people, that if they had american attitudes a civil war would erupt.

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